Using Chopsticks in Therapy

When you use chopsticks in the propper way, you are using both sides of your hand to do different movements. These are the same movements that are used in a mature and refined grasp pattern and that you use when you manipulate objects inside your hand. Many therapists recommend using tongs and tweezers to improve fine motor skills, and this is useful if the person doing the work is starting out with really poor fine motor skills. If, however the client has pretty good fine motor skills, but still has trouble with the refined and higher level skills, then working with chopsticks is the way to go to really improve those high level fine motor skills.

Real individual chopsticks may be too hard though, and some of the beginner chopsticks are too much like tongs to really work those super-fine motor skills. My favorite training chopsticks use the same muscles that regular chopsticks do.  They are the edison training chopsticks, and they work with a sliding lever, so the movement is close to the real thing.

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