Comfortable Weighted Pencil Kit

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This is a kit for you to put together yourself.  Included is two craft foam pieces that fit onto two coupling nuts that fit over a regular sized pencil, with rubber washers to hold them in place on the pencil. Included are glue dots to help the craft foam stick better. The foam covering on the weights provides comfort, and is very comfortable to hold the weights directly.  You can use one weight or two weights on the pencil.

You can easily make your own. Use coupling nuts size 3/8 – 16, and a 2 pack of rubber washers size 1/4 x ½ x 1/16. The craft foam does have some difficulty sticking, so you need to use some strong glue dots (uglue).

Pencil not included


  • 2 coupling nuts
  • 2 rubber washers
  • 2 pieces of sticky back craft foam
  • 3 glue dots

Why would you need a weighted pencil anyway?

  • Weight on the pencil can help stabilize uncontrolled movements due to ataxia.
  • The weight gives some more sensory feedback to the hand while writing.
  • Could be used for strengthening the fingers when writing or for writing on a vertical surface to strengthen the arm and shoulder.