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Bee Pollen Honey Fine Motor Pack - digital download

Kids love it!

Kids love this!

shoe tying methods poster download


Well done


I already had the regular Munchy balls but they were a little too big/rigid for my younger students. The silicon ones are perfect, address that issue, and can be used in a zillion activities. I have many of Tonya's items because they are so versatile and don't take up a lot of space in a therapy bag. Five stars for the both kinds of Munchy balls.

Road writing maps

Clothespin Games

Awesome tool

My students love to practice this buttoning task and I always give them a little tiny oreo treat when its complete as a reward for completing the task...

Munch Ball

I use Munchy Balls at work..we really like them. They are functional and the kids love them. I also like that they can be cleaned easily.

Seasons Felt Button Tree

Great cute tree with four different felt pieces to button on the tree! I really like this product and my students do too!

They are amazing. Kids love using them and they really make a difference. I was able to get the school to buy them because they work so well.


Awesome Resource!!!

Mini Fruit Munchy Ball Food

Best thing ever

These easy to follow instructions helped me to create fun and enjoyable pieces for my OT treatments.

Awesome therapy tool!

Perfect for my preschool-aged clients! Works on hand strengthening and promotes bilateral hand skills as well as in-hand manipulation skills.

So slow arriving

The game is great. Though I order things all the time from the US through USPS. This you say was sent 14 days ago and I recieieved it 4 days ago which is 5 weeks after I ordered it. Disappointed for sure.

Pencil Adventures 16-24

Pencil Adventures, great resource!

I am the special education teacher at an elementary school. Our school OT recommended me to look into this website for resources to use with some of our students for fine motor skills. These pencil adventures (1-8 set and 9-15 set) are really great. Kids love to use the pencil and to challenge themselves tracing lines inside the lines. They are a simple great resource to keep the practicing without getting bored!

great fun

Pencil adventures are great for practicing writing. I personally prefer the ones that are drawn by hand rather than the computer ones.

Great product

I ordered 2 pairs of these when Tonya first introduced them and I've found them to be an excellent way to address both finger strengthening and thumb flexion. They really work, and I now keep them in my therapy bag as part of my permanent tool repertoire. Highly recommend.

Roll a Sentence Dice Game Digital Download

No Sew Button Food Patterns