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Great Price

Great price. Wide variety of styles to print. Stuck in the Mud paper is helpful for teaching line orientation with sitting, standing, and digging letters.


I've used a few of the many pencil path activity sheets with several of my 2nd-5th grade students. They are all themed and have cute little illustrations and stories that direct the path. My students seem to really enjoy them. The first "beginner" work sheets in the book look cute but I don't anticipate using them as often with my current caseload.

They do the job.

I'll use them. I was a little disappointed for the price as the cut on them looks like someone did it by hand (jagged) and I could have saved a few bucks and cut up my own dollar store ball. They're quite easy to squeeze with one hand but they will work for my preschoolers.

No Sew Button Food Patterns

Pencil grip

I really like these pencil grips and have used them with students for a few years. Unfortunately this time the order took about a month to receive which was difficult as I needed it for a child in my class. In addition when I received the order one of the grips is not useable-the hole was placed off center.

Great product for hand strengthening and bilateral coordination

I love this munchy ball. My only complaint is it is not as challenging to squeeze/open for older kids. I typically use a tennis ball as munchy ball but this vinyl ball is a great alternative. This is great for preschoolers and/or kiddos with weak hands.

Roll a Sentence Dice Game Digital Download

Pencil adventure

Such a great resource! Would highly recommend! They have been excellent for my Kindy and Year one kids working on pencil control :)

Pencil Adventures

An excellent resource that my student has really enjoyed doing TY

Following the recommendation of a school district OT

Unfortunately I haven't been able to use the Munchy Balls in my classroom due to schools closing as a result of the pandemic, but the Munchy balls were highly recommended by an OT during a school-wide PD session.

Pencil obstacle

Fab resource, my student really enjoyed doing them ty

Pencil Adventures

My student has really enjoyed completing these, it helped with his pencil control !

No Sew Button Food Patterns

Bundle of great adapted papers

Love having these so I can easily download to parents for tele-therapy!

Clothespin Tower Games


I have bought 1-24 now and love them. My students at work love them as well. It is a great warm up activity before handwriting itself.

Excellent resource


Love These!

I am a COTA and I use these daily. My patiences love to read about each Adventure and it is great way to work on FM precision.

This pack is much simpler than the previous one. The graphics seem more suited to a young audience, too.

Munchy Ball Game with 2 vinyl balls, bugs, dice

Button Food

Love it!!!

Prickly animal fine motor activity

Great product! Motivated students to participate in the fine motor activity.

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