I Can Tie Shoelaces

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Developed by Pediatric Therapists.

Lace up your kids shoes with I Can Tie Shoelaces and watch how easy shoe tying becomes.  Unique hook and loop design makes loops perfect size and they stay in place.

My wife and I are Occupational Therapists and we created I Can Tie Shoelaces.

These laces will not only look awesome on your kids shoes but they will actually teach them how to tie their shoes independently.

The hook and loops will allow for the bunny ears to remain in place (the most frustrating thing about learning to tie is the loops coming apart) and tie their shoes ALL BY THEMSELVES.

YOU WILL RECEIVE (1) PAIR OF SHOELACES and 2 Hook and 2 Loop press and fuse pieces per lace.

Directions Included

•Lace Shoe
• Press Hook and Loop pieces onto lace (allow 24 hours to set)
•Easy Loop Formation
•Simplifies Tying

Lace up your kids shoes with these laces and watch how simple and easy shoe tying becomes!

Teaching is easier, learning is faster.