Pencil Obstacle Course

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These ones are hand drawn, and are very creative. They are made by another therapist, so are not included in the membership discount. Some of the obstacle courses work on erasing skills as well as writing skills.  There are 13 different obstacle courses to work on accuracy with a pencil while making all different shapes.  Two of these target speed as well.

They include:

Pencil Control

  • Amusement Park: Stay in paths, loops, x's, copy words, visual scanning
  • Explore the ancient cave ruins:  Stay in paths, color in a space, write words in
    abc order
  • Circus:  Stay in paths, lots of loops
  • Mars:  Stay in path, plan out a path, write initials
  • Day at the un-races:  Slow down while tracing
  • Time Warp:  Stay in paths, X's inside circles
  • Jungle:  Slow down, speed up: compare which was more accurate. Draw clock hands
  • Pirates:  Stay in path, retrace, count & make X's
  • Playground:  "lazy 8's" - good bilateral/diagonal practice, Stay in paths
  • Skateboard:  Stay in paths, controlled circles, in-hand rotation, drawing


  • Berserk Robot: Fairly easy cutting across a page, with curves
  • Fabulous Art: Much more difficulty cutting spiraling in from edge to center of


  • Dragon's Maze: Stay in paths, erase completely

These obstacle courses are very creative and fun to use.  You can order them as a digital download, or as a cd with the files on it.