therapy schedule planner wire bound

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The biggest challenge as a therapist is scheduling. I have to use a weekly schedule with 15 minute increments, but I also need some space on my week's page to write down the priorities of what needs to get done that week. I like using an at-glance weekly appointment book, but wanted some extra forms in it.

This planner includes each week in a two page spread with some to do notes in the weekend space. It begins July 2018 and ends July 2019. Also included is 8 pages of student list per school, a page for equipment tracking, and a page for student intake.

The current colors are yellow with green and blue dots.

The front says Schedule Planner. In the pictures, I printed one with my name on it for my own use.

This is printed in color and bound with wire ring binding. It is printed at the time of order, so there may be a delay with the shipping.

Also available as a digital download/printable.