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A silicone grip to use with some tweezers and tongs that helps with thumb positioning while working on strengthening the fingers.

It is hard to make sure that the thumb is in the right position when working on strengthening. This thumb tong grip helps facilitate thumb flexion at the IP joint while using the tongs for strengthening.

works for right or left hand. There are two slots for the plastic tweezers to slide into on the thumb grip. The larger plastic tongs are meant for one side of the tongs to slide into only one hole on the less bulky side of the grip.

I have a student that I have been working hard with on hand and finger strengthening. When I am working with him, I can correct how his thumb is positioned, and get him to work the right muscles. The moment that I turn away though, he is back to his hyper-mobile thumb position. I have tried the TIP grip protocol, but it doesn't work for him as he moves his thumb under the grip, and so does not flex his IP joint. So to get him a way to work on strengthening while I am not with him, I made a thumb IP grip that goes out farther and gets down to where his thumb is positioned so that it blocks the incorrect movement of the thumb. It is not perfect, but I think that it will work to have him do some strengthening tasks at home over the summer. 

One thumb tip grip, One plastic tweezer and one plastic tong is included. Comes in random color of red, green, blue, or yellow with a random color of tongs.

Made of 100% silicone

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Great product

I ordered 2 pairs of these when Tonya first introduced them and I've found them to be an excellent way to address both finger strengthening and thumb flexion. They really work, and I now keep them in my therapy bag as part of my permanent tool repertoire. Highly recommend.