Munchy Ball Game with Two Vinyl Balls, Bugs, and Dice by TMC Adaptatio...
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Munchy Ball Vinyl Ball Only from TMC Adaptations
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Munchy Ball Vinyl Ball with Bugs from TMC Adaptations
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Stretchy Cheese Bundle with Squishy Animals by Multiple
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Sensory Fun Zone Chewies Pencil Topper 4-pack from Kean
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Fine Motor Bugs Bundle with Tweezers and Bug Box by Therapy Fun Zone
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Fastenating Fun Felt Button Pizza from TMC Adaptations
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Fastenating Fun Felt Button Sandwich by TMC Adaptations
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Build a Catapult

We did a craft this week that was a build your own catapult.  We made it from a catapult kit, and it involved placing pegs in holes and putting the pieces together.  It would be a great activity for older kids to follow directions and work on putting together an activity.  Once it is done, then there is lots of fun building castles and knocking them down again with the catapult. After building the catapult kit, I decided to do {Read More}

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Creature / Monster Drawing and Writing

Lately I have been wanting to do my sentence memory copying activity with the kids that I am working with, and decided to modify it a bit to add monsters / creatures. I have used the monster drawing type of activity that I did in the Roll a Creature game, and added sentences to remember and copy. For the older kids, there is a word bank so that they can find words that they would like to use in writing {Read More}

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Fun Fine Motor Spider Webs

I love the look of spider webs, and they are such a beautiful work of art. Here are some spider webs made out of pipe cleaner and popsicle sticks. You place the popsicle sticks (or other pipe cleaners) in cross patterns and duct tape them together. Then you wind the pipe cleaner around in a pattern to make the spider web. It is quite a visual motor challenge to get the pipe cleaner wrapped around correctly, but the great thing {Read More}

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Fine Motor Skills With Torn Paper Pumpkins

It is Autumn, so it’s time for us to make pumpkins. I love having kids tear paper because it really makes them work hard with their fingers and work on those fine motor skills. I have had kids cut out pumpkins and create a jack-o-lantern face on them. Today we are going to tear colored paper and glue the pieces onto a pumpkin to make a pretty torn paper pumpkin. You could also just color the pumpkin and then decorate {Read More}

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