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Holding an object in your hand while writing helps facilitate a mature grasp on the pencil.  There are sea animal charms, frogs, and dinosaurs, and they are squishy and stretchy. They are attached to the pencil with a soft stretchy band material.

The most mature pencil grasp is a tripod grasp where you hold the pencil with three fingers, your thumb, index, and middle fingers. When you use this grasp, your pinky and ring fingers close a bit to stabilize the ulnar (or pinky finger) side of the hand. Writing ability is improved when one side of the hand is stabilized while the other side is moving and writing.

The Writing Charms can be used alongside your favorite pencil grip. The charm just needs to be slid up the pencil so that it is above the grip of choice. They can be used with pens or pencils. The charm material is stretchy enough that it can fit onto different sizes of pencil or pen.

Charms are packaged in a 5 pack with a random selection of sea life, dinosaurs, and frogs.