Ishy Sail Pencil Grip

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This is a new pencil grip design that gives a natural curve to the fingers to block hyperextension. Use it in a tripod grasp to give a natural curve to the thumb while writing. It has a bulb design toward the palm to help those with weak muscles get a good grasp on the pencil.

It can also be held between the index and middle finger in a modified grasp. This gives a comfortable and natural curve in those fingers, and helps with joint instability and arthritis.

The larger size has a larger curve. The small size is good for elementary school age. And the large is good for bigger kids and adults. The mini size is good for much smaller hands and those that do not need as much bulk in the grip.

The color will be a random color of green, yellow, blue, or red, and there will be variations in the colors due to small batch color mixing. The surface is bumpy and squishy silicone. Imperfections are part of the molding process that is used, and is part of the charm of the grip.

Made of 100% silicone. safe and non-toxic. Items may take a week to ship.

Works for both left and right hand.

Patent Pending.


Here is a very weak hand using the small Ishy grip. This is a first grader.