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Activities that I made:

  • Cloud craft on base paper
  • Writing activity to draw your cloud, and write about being in the clouds
  • Cloud bowling game with letters or words
  • Clothespin cloud matching

Cloud Craft

The cloud craft is a cloud printed on the base paper, or you can have the kids draw their own cloud on the base paper. Then you have to glue cotton balls onto the cloud. You can use the lines to the side to write about clouds.

Writing activity

The writing activity can be done outside using real clouds, or they can use the cloud book. You draw a picture of what is in your cloud, and then write about what if you were in the clouds.

Cloud Bowling Game with Clothespin Cloud Matching

This bowling game is similar to the monster bowling and the sea animal bowling, but with clouds. The big difference is the Clothespin Cloud Matching part. There are 6 clouds on a paper of different shapes and sizes. You have to roll the marble down the bowling lane, write a word or letter, and pick a cloud. Then you have to match the cloud to your paper and clip it on with a clothespin. You can use magnets or pins to pin them on as well.


  • Clothespin Cloud game and activities


  • Fine motor
  • Visual perception

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