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Kids love playing with pretend felt food, and the Button Felt Food adds some fine motor skill to the fun.

The Pizza button food starts with a pizza crust, and the child has the fun of putting the toppings on. There is pepperoni, cheese, and bell pepper that button on to the top of the pizza. Work on developing those fine motor skills while having fun.

The pizza is about 6 inches in diameter. You can see the posts on the blog about using the button food in therapy.

The new version is heat glued rather than sewn, and is just as sturdy. The color and size of the buttons may vary.

Customer Reviews

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Kristine Rapp
Best way to incentivize!

I can’t tell you how many of my kids loath buttoning until I bring out the Pizza! Best way to get them practicing those skills and having fun!!

Diana Ray

Awesome Resource!!!

Domenique Embrey
One of my favorites

My clients wore the last button pizza out, so I had to order a new one.
This is a great way to practice buttons of different sizes. Also, popular during cotreats with speech as you can take orders on what to put on the pizza.