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I developed the road writing in response to a need that I found when working with some of my students.

The roads are lines and curves that look like roads and you put them together to make letters. Roads are a natural progression to writing. You can follow the roads with toy cars, and then can progress to following them with a crayon.

I printed them on magnetic paper and then a sticky backed laminate on the top of them to make them dry erase. With the magnet paper, the lines and curves can be created on a white board, and they stay together when you are "driving" over them with the dry erase crayon. They could be printed on regular paper and then laminated to put the letters together, but then they won't stay put as easily.

Included in the digital download are files for:

  • Big roads (straight and curved)
  • Skinny roads (straight and curved)
  • Big alphabet letters (upper and lower case)
  • Skinny alphabet letters (upper and lower case)
  • Big road maps (4 sections)
  • Skinny road map (the 4 road maps combined on one page)
  • Big road letters combined on lined paper for practice
  • Practice alphabet pages (4 total)
  • Road Font

It will be your job to print everything out. I recommend printing the big and skinny roads, and the skinny letters on magnet paper, and then a self stick laminating sheet over top. Then you cut them all out. Print the big alphabet letters, road maps, and big road letters combined, and then laminate them back to back. This will give you capital letter on one side with lower case on the other, and colored road map on one side and white on the other. With the maps, you can put the colored maps on one side and the white ones on the other. You can then use clear packing tape to tape them together in a way that lets you fold them. Included in the pack is a picture of the tape pattern I used to put the four roads together so that they fold.

These road letters are a great way to work on visual perception, and to learn letter shapes in a sensory way. You can work on fine motor pencil control, and following directions with the pencil while going from one point to another on the road maps.

These files and documents are for personal use only, and are intended to be printed out and used by one individual during therapy or doing activities with children. They can be printed multiple times, but are only to be used by one teacher/therapist.

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