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Make a catapult out of clothespins and use it to shoot pom pom birds to a target.

Use a catapult to launch your pom pom bird to a target that has letters, words or cards to draw and write answers.

Included in digital download:

  • 5 targets (bird cards, letters, words, blank)
  • word cards
  • letter cards
  • question cards
  • score sheet
  • bird dice to make

You provide or make:

  • pom poms for the birds
  • catapult
  • foam cubes to make dice if wanted


You must first make a catapult out of two clothespins and a base of foam core. Hot glue the clothespins together and then hot glue them onto the foam core. It helps to glue a popsicle stick to each side of the clothespin as guides to keep the clothespin from moving too much to the sides.

Print out the targets and the cards and laminate them for sturdiness.

Starting The Game

Set up your catapult, line up your pom pom bird and catapult it into the target. The number you land on is your score. If using the bird target, you draw a card that has the right bird on it and write the letter, word, or answer. If using the letter or word targets, write the letter or word that you landed on.

Winning The Game

At the end, the person with the highest score is the winner. The game can be played as a team as well with all of the points earned together.

Alternate Rules

You can play the game using dice instead of a catapult by rolling the bird dice that you make and a number dice. You can also play without the catapult by sliding a decorative flat sided marble down to the target similar to bowling.

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