Fruit Salad Munching Game

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Munchy Ball enjoys eating all kinds of things, and fruit is one of his favorites.

This game includes:

  • 90 mini fruit erasers,
  • fruit dice,
  • number dice, and
  • color dice, and a
  • card with fruit and color grid with words and letters to write.
  • Included  are three ways to play.
  • Optional 2 munchy balls

You can purchase the game without the munchy balls, or you can purchase it with 2 munchy balls or 2 munchy pets.

Ways to play:

writing practice with graphing. Use the color and fruit dice with the color and fruit grid to find a word or letter that you have to write. Feed the Munchy Ball the fruit and graph the type of fruit that was rolled.

Fruit Munching (in-hand manipulation). Roll the dice and pick up one of that fruit and put it in your hand. Continue rolling the dice and picking up fruit until you have five pieces of fruit in your hand. Then feed Munchy Ball the fruit one at a time.

Fruit color match and munch. Place the fruit in a bowl, and each player should have six color spot "bowls" (included digital download). Roll all three dice with fruit, number, and color. Pick up the number of the rolled fruit and place it in the right color spot. Once you have all of your fruit, you can fee your munchy ball.

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Julie Allen

Kids love this!