Lava Paper adapted paper

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This paper is used to practice correct letter formation. When writing, all the letters have to touch the dirt, and the baby/small letters need to go up to the bottom of the lava line.

The tail letters can go below the dirt safely, and the tall letters can go above the lava safely. Then if the letters that aren't supposed to go below the dirt go down there, they get attacked by the worms. If the letters that aren't supposed to be tall go above the lava line, they get burned by the lava. No letters are supposed to go in the sky, so they will get attacked by the bees. You have to erase the letters that get attacked and do them again and keep them safe.  

There are three sizes to the paper, a kindergarten size, medium ruled, and skinny ruled. The Lava paper makes it fun to try to get the letters perfect so that they don't get burned, eaten, or stung. You have to be careful that it is not too fun because then the kids start making mistakes on purpose just so the worms will eat them.