Munchy Ball Pet with bugs

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The Munchy Ball pet is a slightly smaller version of the Munchy Ball, but is narrower in order to make it easier for smaller hands to squeeze it. It is an amazing activity to work on hand and finger strengthing by squeezing the cheeks to open the mouth and feed the pet some pretend food.

Included is one ball and 20 mini bug erasers.  You can make up games to play or roll a dice (not included) to see how many bugs to feed Munchy Ball Pet.

You can choose between the easy squeeze soft blue one, or the medium squeeze yellow version.

These are made from 100% skin safe silicone so they are latex free.  The bugs are rubber erasers, so they do have latex in them.

The pets are molded and hand poured, so come with variations and natural defects due to the molding process. There will be color variations due to small batch coloring.

The bugs are small, and are not for use with children under 3 due to choking hazard.