Pet Store Feeding the Pets

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A cute activity to work on fine motor skills while feeding the pets in the pet store. First you roll the dice to determine which animal you will be feeding (each animal is assigned a number on the board). Then it is time to feed your animal.

You roll the dice to see how much food you need to feed your chosen animal. There are strips to clip the food onto, and you can use the strips that show the animal and the food, or the strips with just the food on them so that the student has to figure out which animal goes with which food. You could also clip the food directly onto the game board with the animals.

Along with feeding the animals, there are some pages for the student to write out the animals and the food that each animal likes to eat. Some kids can write the animal names by themselves, and others need to have the words to copy.

Included are sheets for writing, pet food sheets, an animal board, and strips of animals and food to clip the food onto. Also included is a sheet to match the animal to the food.

15 pages