Munchy Ball Game with 2 vinyl balls, bugs, dice

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This is a simple game to play feeding the Munchy Ball some bugs.  Munchy Ball is a ball with eyes and a mouth cut into it.  When you squeeze it, his mouth opens for you to feed him.  This is the perfect resistance to work on strengthening while having fun feeding him bugs.

Included is two vinyl balls of random colors of blue, yellow, purple, or orange, 40 mini bug erasers, and a dice to roll to play the game.  You can make up games to play or roll the dice to see how many bugs to feed Munchy Ball.

You can include a note if you prefer a specific color, otherwise colors will be chosen at random and dependent on what is available.

Customer Reviews

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Munchie Ball and Munchi Ball Mini

Great hand strengthening game for kids! 😀


I like the feel of the plastic. I wanted something that kids can put putty into without it sticking. I think they’re great!

Great product for hand strengthening and bilateral coordination

I love this munchy ball. My only complaint is it is not as challenging to squeeze/open for older kids. I typically use a tennis ball as munchy ball but this vinyl ball is a great alternative. This is great for preschoolers and/or kiddos with weak hands.

Maureen Rutkowski
Following the recommendation of a school district OT

Unfortunately I haven't been able to use the Munchy Balls in my classroom due to schools closing as a result of the pandemic, but the Munchy balls were highly recommended by an OT during a school-wide PD session.

Rebecca Rhodes

Munchy Ball Game with 2 vinyl balls, bugs, dice